The Magic of the Open G Center

Have you ever wondered why with some people you feel like they really get you?

Like they really hold a safe space for you to discover your own truth?

While with others you can’t help but feel like they’re imposing, imprinting their own perspective even if they don’t mean to do that?

From my experience so far this aspect is very much related to what we call the G center responsible for Identity, Love and Direction.

Recent conversations with dear friends of mine helped me realise the magic of having an Open G center in my role as a guide, as a coach.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Hello, I would like to talk today about the magic of the completely open or undefined g centre, I’m using my own chart my own body graph. As you can see, I am a person who has absolutely no gates defined here. No hanging gates in my G centre, so this makes it an open one.This one has been a challenge for me, for most of my life, even before knowing about human design, because I was always always looking for love and direction and for a fixed sense of identity.

Learning about the fact that I have a completely open G centre, and that I’m not supposed to have a fixed identity. And I’m not supposed to have a fixed direction, or to actually know my direction. And I’m not supposed to look for love, it’s been a very, very huge relief. I’ve been contemplating about this. And looking back at my life. And for a long time, I couldn’t see the gift that this completely open G centre has for me, and for the people I work with, it was not obvious for me. I was like, I’m a chameleon. I’m just a different person, depending on who I am with. I’m very flexible, but I am also feeling sometimes like a leaf in the wind. So the mind was like talking through this open G centre and I was like, Who am I? Who am I? How come I don’t know exactly all these people they know, they know where they go, they have a very fixed sense of who they are. And I don’t know.

After these thoughts have become more quiet, it’s not like the mind ever shuts up, I recently had some very, very meaningful conversations with two people in my life, very important people for me who both have undefined G centres, they have some definition here. One of them, a very dear friend of mine told me how she has had a conversation with another friend who’s who has a defined G centre, and with another friend who has a defined G centre.

And she told me how she felt like whatever those two friends have told her in separate conversations about herself was something that she should really do, or a way that she should really embrace being like, for example, one of them, I can’t really remember the details, but one of them told her like, you should be only focusing on this part of your business only on this area, which makes sense in some contexts for some people, but not for her.

Because she’s a projector like I am. She has an undefined G. She’s not supposed to have a very fixed direction. She’s not supposed to stick to only one thing. But after the conversation with that other friend who is I think a generator with a defined G. She was really kind of stuck for a few days, because she thought oh my God, what am I doing? I should be doing only that. So then she felt like she couldn’t do anything else until she talked to me.

And with my completely undefined G I was like, okay, so you now think you have to do what that person said, because they have a defined G and that’s how an undefined G operates. They take on what the person who with a defined G says and we feel like it’s our thing. We really feel like yes, this is my direction. This is what I should do. And it’s crazy. It’s tricky because it’s not true. That person might be might have the best intention for us. They really love us and they really care for us and they really want us to see that we’re doing great and we have a good direction but because they are defined they cannot help but imprint, impose their direction, their perspective on us. It’s not like they do it on purpose is just on an energetic level. This is how things are these are just mechanics.

So I just told her that okay, but how do You really feel because I don’t feel like that’s correct for you, you are an undefined G you are open here you are undefined, you’re supposed to explore different things, you’re supposed to change directions. You’re not here to have the same way of working like a Generator with defined G and maybe with this channel of discipline here that 29/46. And she started realising that, yes, she just took that suggestion from her defined G friend as something that she should be really doing. And it was really not correct for her.

And then she said, but how come I don’t ever feel this thing with you? How come I never feel like you impose something on me? And you always allow me to realise what’s true for me. And I said, well, I have a completely open G. Remember? I have nothing here. It’s like, I have no filter, I’m just taking you in, no judgement, no filter, nothing, I am completely reflecting back to you. What I get from you, since I have no, no gates in here. And she was like, Yes, that’s so true. Exactly. That’s what’s happening.

And that’s when I told her this, I realised the magic of my completely open G. In the way I work with other people, I’m just the perfect mirror here. And with all the other openness, undefined centres that I have, I have very little that I bring that I impose, let’s say energetically on an other person. So that’s why most people that work with me, they feel very safe and relaxed in my presence. And they feel empowered, after they talk to me, that’s another one of my gifts through all these other gates that I have hanging here, especially from my incarnation cross is like, I can help people see their value, see their worth, and empower them through that. But that’s, that’s another story.

So coming back to just the open G centre, I just want to tell you this, if you have a coach, a mentor, a friend, with whom you talk often, and you have an undefined G centre, or a completely open one, like myself, and that person has a defined G be very, very, very mindful about what you take on as your direction in life from them. And what is really yours. It’s so subtle these things for us undefined Gs and open G centre people.

I know this from my experience with being around a very dear friend of mine, who has a defined G. And so often I felt like Yeah, exactly. Whatever you say, I’m gonna do that. And then when I was breaking auric space, and I was on my own, I felt like huh, I don’t feel like doing that anymore. And yeah, before Human Design, I didn’t realise what was going on. I had no idea how to, to discern this, and I had no idea what a gift an amazing gift, this completely open G Centre in my design is for other people for the way I work with other people.

Let me know if you have an undefined G or an open G centre. What’s your experience with this and make sure the people you rely on for support and advice check out if they have a defined or undefined G. And then make sure you actually go back to your strategy and authority. And you do what is correct for you, regardless of what you have absorbed from them, no matter how much they love you no matter how good their intentions are.

It’s only You who know exactly what it’s right for you and that comes back to your strategy and your authority, whatever that is depending on your design. I hope this was helpful and useful for you as it’s been for me. Let me know what you think. And I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the next video. Remember to love yourself and enjoy your design, your magical creature. Bye!

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