The Generator’s Path: from Frustration to Satisfaction

Who are you for yourself?

Generators & Manifesting Generators 1:1 guidance & coaching

“Generators, you are the Holy ones”

Ra Uru Hu

You are the Sacral beings that keep the world moving.

You are here to know yourself & do the work that you Love.

Your Sacral’s inner guidance is always on, simple, clear & trustworthy.

It speaks through your sounds & through your body’s movements, moment by moment.

And it’s always in response to something outside of you.

If you’re an Emotional Generator you have an extra layer of depth when making big decisions.

After your Sacral’s Yes or No in the NOW, waiting for emotional clarity is what brings you the best and juiciest opportunities.

And it protects you from those that are not truly aligned.

You are a true life force in action.

Your satisfaction as well as your frustration are your sign-posts.

You have a beautiful mind for others but it’s useless for making decisions for yourself.

It’s hard to let go of your mind’s grip after a life-time of being conditioned to act “rationally”.

And it can be hard to feel and hear your Sacral’s response after a life-time of disconnection.

That’s where I can support you and this how I do it:

Give you synthesised Human Design knowledge.

Ask you the right questions.

Guide you back to your body’s truth.


6 live sessions on Zoom

1 hour each

You choose the rhythm, weekly, twice a week or every other week as long as you finish the package within maximum 3 months.

Who is this for?

Generators & Manifesting Generators with Sacral or Emotional Authority.

You can be anywhere at the beginning of your Human Design experiment.

You’re just getting started or a few years in, less than 2.

You have a Yes to my energy, my style of writing, you’ve seen some of my Youtube videos and you feel like you get what I’m sharing with ease.

By the end of this guidance you’ll have a good grasp of your:

  • Specific aura Type and what it means for your life and work
  • Your inner Authority and how to use it so you can trust your decisions
  • Blindspots, limitations and “shadow” areas
  • Natural strengths, talents, gifts and how it’s best to use them
  • Areas that bring confusion & frustration & how to work with them

Structure & flexibility

This is a guidance & coaching program that relies on a rough structure to make sure you get the basics of your design if you’re just getting started.

And there is space for intuitive, in the moments downloads to address what shows up during the sessions.

These might be specific challenges you have, fears, limiting beliefs & other aspects that we will address as they come to the surface.

It can also include physical, somatic practices you’re going to be invited to experiment with to help you integrate the theory in your body.

Exchange summary

  • 6 Live x 1 hour video sessions via Zoom
  • Recordings you can download & keep as long as your want
  • Email and/or Whatsapp/Telegram support in between the sessions
  • EUR 777*

*I also accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Next steps

Please answer this short questionnaire and you’ll receive an email from me shortly with the next steps.

Are you ready to know yourself?

What clients say:

I was surprised to be a Manifesting Generator. It seems like I should have waaay more energy than I do for that to be true. But, it’s also true that I think/act/do faster than most other people and skip steps because I don’t need all the steps. And that’s a superpower I hadn’t really acknowledged.

6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

Thanks so much Raluca, definitely felt very seen, heard and supported with a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for growth during our session. Your calming energy and deep, precise guidance that’s easy to understand are life-enhancing, thank you!

5/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator