Stop doing this if you have a 5th line in your Human Design profile

Do you have a 5th line in your profile?

Or you don’t know if you have a 5th line but you’re wondering why your business relationships struggle or end out of the blue? 

Then read on, because all the marketing advice out there is BS for most of us 5th line people.

Before I tell you what this mistake you is do check if you have a 5th line in your profile. 

You might be a 5/1, 5/2, 2/5 or 3/5 Profile – these are the only 5th line Profiles. 

I’m a 5/2 so I know from my own experience and that of the many 5th line people in my life that this mistake is so true. 

Are you ready for it? 

Here it is…

Stop being too friendly. 

Stop oversharing about your personal life. 

Don’t make friends with your clients unless you realize you’d like to have them as friends and you’re ready to lose them as clients. 

Now what’s wrong with being friendly?

Isn’t this what most marketing gurus tell us to do? People will buy from you once they get to know, like and trust you. 

There is some truth to that – since people need to know about your existence to even consider buying anything from you, duh…

But – the 5th line works best as a stranger of consequence. 

We are designed to have an impact on strangers – not on friends and family. The more someone gets to know us the less likely they are to buy from us. 

The saying “familiarity breeds contempt” – was probably coined by a 5th line person. 

And I have so many examples from my friends and clients who are 5th lines who told me how they lost clients or business arrangements once they started getting too friendly with them. 

For the rational mind and outside the Human Design lens this doesn’t make any sense. 

How the 5th line projection field works

But knowing about the 5th line projection field can help you save money, time and emotional distress. 

Here’s how this works in a nutshell. 

The initial projection upon a 5th line person is usually a positive one. 

People will look at you and instantly like you and project that you have something valuable to offer them, that you are able to fix or save them. 

They tend to put you on a pedestal and see you as a super human, as someone extraordinary. 

Now, if you don’t have what they need or want and you’re not able to provide that for them the opposite of the positive projection can happen. 

Once the illusion crashes they go to the other extreme and project the worst stuff on you. 

From “you’re amazing” to “you’re horrible” it’s a very short trip. 

Now, if you don’t know about the 5th line thing you might feel like you did something wrong when this happens. 

Know that either extremes of the projection field are not about you. 

But, even if you are the right fit for their problem and you realize your practical solution (practicality is key for 5th lines) is what they need and you start working with them – if you get too friendly with them – you’ll lose them as clients. 

So it’s very tricky to manage your friendships and business relationships as a 5th line. 

It can be a very lonely trip. 

There aren’t so many people who can really see us and stick around once the initial positive projection field has shattered. 

The ones who are still around once they realized “we are humans too” these are our true friends. 

Our clients and business partners – that’s another story – that’s where the “don’t get too friendly” part comes in. 

There has to be some distance between us and them at all times if we want to keep having them as clients. 

So there you go, you now have the 5th line biggest do’s and don’t in a nutshell. 

Much love, 


7 thoughts on “Stop doing this if you have a 5th line in your Human Design profile”

  1. priceless information, as a 5/1 i would love to have you on my podcast to talk about this very unique 5th line experience.

    • H Katerina, thank you for the feedback and invitation. I’ve sent you an email I’d like to know more about your podcast 🙂

  2. As a fellow 5/2, I want to say Thank you! I may be new to HD but I’m definitely not new to everything you described. I would tell others that about the pattern of my life & receive all that same advice. After stumbling upon HD, I’m learning that the patterns I knew were “me” were correct. It’s refreshing to finally see there are orher 5/2’s out there. It definitely can be a lonely path.

  3. Yes this resonates. A couple of years ago, I was externalising a lot and being very personal on my social media, and I attracted mostly people who wanted to be my friend, not clients. I also attracted a lot of negative projections, because people were projecting they were closer to me than we really are, just because of the intimacy they feel about my posts, and not necessarily because of our connection.

    When I understood my HD as a line 5, I understood what Universalising means: it’s not about me. When I became more detached and less personal on socials, that’s when I attracted customers and clients!

    This confirms this experience and truly resonates. I love the reminder that this common marketing advice doesn’t work for 5th lines, thank you.

    • Glad to hear it resonates with you and that you’ve learned to navigate being a 5th line when it comes to marketing 🙂

  4. This is so spot on and I as I read through the article a ton of uh huhsss followed.
    In so many ways this sort of sums up why I give off hot and cold, when necessary I am self regulating bring friendly then recognizing the importance of anonymity… 3/5 here!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Regina, glad this resonated with you. The 3/5 life is full of discoveries that then benefit all of humanity 🙂


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