Is it a trauma response or your true guidance?

“Listen to your gut”

“Connect within and you’ll know the answer”

“When you know you know”

But what if I don’t just know?

What if you’re like me and you’ve been trying to navigate through life almost always doubting yourself and your decisions?

(If you’re completely certain, solid in your decision making process and happy with your life, congratulations, you can stop reading now, this message is not for you.) 

For the rest of us let’s dive deeper and look at the hidden shame underneath the doubt.

“Why can’t I just figure it out?”

“Why doesn’t it work for me like it seems to work for all these people around me and on the Internet?”

And the worst of it all:

There must be something wrong with me…”

For most of my life I felt confused about what it means to listen to my intuition. 

And I couldn’t figure out why I felt like an alien.

So early on I started reading, researching, listening and watching self-development books, videos, trainings. 

I studied and experimented with both the classic talk therapy and psychology avenues (I got a BA in Psychology after the one in Communication) & the complementary in the body movement based therapies such as 5 Rhythms, Extatic Dance, Osho Active Meditations, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Buddhism teachings and practices, plant medicine ceremonies and more. 

I’ve got valuable insights, breatkthroughs, recognitions, pieces of the puzzle that helped me get glimpses of my truth. 

And I made some progress along my path. 

But it still felt like a hit and miss. 

I could see how certain methods & practices worked so well for some people. 

And how terrible they felt for me. 

Enter Human Design in 2018. 

I found out I was a Projector. So many things started to make sense. 

Of course most of the methods that worked for the vast majority of people (Generators) were not going to work for me. 

I found out I have Emotional Authority and that I need time to make big decisions based on my emotional clarity. 

Now that was a huge game changer! 

Learning about the different Authorities I finally understood why some people can make decisions in the now while others need more time. 

I started experimenting and enrolled in professional studies which I continue to this day.

(I just finished my first year of Analyst Training so I’ll be able to offer Foundation Analyses soon as an Analyst in Training)

Working with many clients with Emotional Authority and while trying to figure out my own process to reach clarity I realized there was so much noise getting in the way. 

Or numbness, a disconnect from the body. 

Enter the trauma awarenes and nervous system discoveries, such as The Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing. 

Wow, a whole new world opened up for me. 

I finally had another piece of the puzzle to start discerning for myself & my clients between the voices of a protective state of the nervous system (trauma response) & the genuine true self voice. 

Bringing trauma awarness into my own Human Design experiment and work with my clients has been such a blessing in the few months since I started incorporating it in my coaching.

I can only look forward to go deeper in my own healing and expanded capacity to guide others in the same process while respecting their uniqueness. 

With patience, compassion & awareness of both our Human Design & our nervous systems we can reconnect with our true guidance.

Yes it takes time.

But time passes anyway, so we might as well use it wisely and learn how to live the rest of our lives as our true selves.

Connecting with and following our own true guidance and not a trauma response from the past. 

It’s possible for me. 

It’s possible for you. 

I’m grateful I get to share this transformative life changing work with you. 

We’ve got this. 

Much love, 


Some of the ways in which I can guide you you can find more in my Services page:

​Living Your Design Group Experience – the basics of Human Design theory and practice in a group setting; IHDS certified, it qualifies you to continue your studies into the Foundations should you wish to continue on this path

From confusion to clarity – 4 sessions 1:1 guidance & coaching, ideal if you like to go deep, take your time to practice and integrate in between sessions

Overview Reading – 90 minutes – Single Session – 1:1 good if you want to have a taste of my work and a basic intro to your Human Design map

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