How your mind tricks you into making incorrect decisions

One of the most important aspects and gifts of Human Design is the concept of inner authority. Each of us have a specific decision making strategy that is not mind based. 

It can be Emotional, Sacral, Splenic etc, whatever your inner authority you now know that your decisions should not be left to your mind’s whims.

But, living a whole life conditioned to make decisions from our minds makes it very challenging to make the switch. 

It took me a long time to grasp the fact that my mind is talking through the not-self themes of each of my undefined centers. I have 7 of them and one is completely open so my mind has a looot of ways to trick me into making bad decisions. 

So getting to know the not-self theme or shadow part of each of the centers in our Human Design chart is a crucial step in our deconditionning process. 

When we get familiar with the voices and the words our minds use to try and make decisions for ourselves based on those undefined areas that’s when we start to become aware. 

And awareness is key to the process of taking our power back from our minds when it comes to making decisions. 

Are you familiar with the themes of your undefined centers and how your mind is using them?

Which undefined center you’d like me to talk about in the next video?

xo Raluca

PS my phone decided to stop recording before I could say “Bye for now and enjoy your design” ❤️

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