Discover Your Kids’ User Manual


1:1 coaching and parenting support

As we all know kids don’t do what you tell them to do but they model what they see you do. So it’s crucial that you start embodying your own truth by following your Strategy and Authority and then supporting and encouraging them to follow theirs.

Who is this for?

Do you feel like no matter how much you try you there are many times when you just can’t seem to understand your child’s behaviour?

Did you promise yourself not to do to your kids what your parents had done to you but then surprised yourself doing the exact same thing in stressful situations?

Did you ever wish you had a user manual for yourself and for your kids? What if there was one for each of you?

If this sounds like you then this is for you.

By the end of this program you’ll have clarity about:

  • What’s your energetic Type and that of your children
  • The correct way of making decisions for you and each of your children
  • Blindspots, limitations and areas that your mind uses to make you believe you’re something that you’re not
  • Natural strengths, talents, gifts and how it’s best to use them for each of you

Since it all starts with you this will happen in 2 phases:

  • 1st understand your own Human Design blueprint so you start uncovering your own Yoda aka your decision making strategy
  • 2nd understand your kids’ user manual through their Human Design charts so you can become their best guide. One that supports them to express their uniqueness and encourages them to become their own authority.

Exchange summary

  • 1 month* weekly 90 minutes live sessions via Zoom
  • access to the recordings via Dropbox
  • email support in between the sessions
  • EUR 360** (payable in instalments)

* Depending on how many kids you have and your and their types we might need more than one month to cover everyone’s charts.

**I also accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Next steps

Please fill in this short questionnaire and I’ll follow up within 24h with the next steps so we can start working together.