Is it all just a big cosmic joke?

What do You think?

We have a majority of people ~ 70% Generators – who are meant to do work they love yet 

most of them are are stuck in frustrating jobs and wonder why they feel so dead inside. 

So instead of them going about their life responding & humming along like a well oiled motor of a luxury car 

they act like an old Trabant’s engine (my Romanian readers born in communist times know what I’m talking about 😉

Then there’s a minority ~ 19% Projectors (like myself) who are here to guide the Generators & other types

so they can use their energy in fulfilling, efficient, satisfying ways. 

The joke is that most of them end up burnt out, sick, broke, trapped in unhealthy jobs, relationships, projects while

trying to keep up with the Generators in the game of doing, doing, doing. 

Both Generators & Projectors are not meant to initiate things – they are here to wait before they act. 

Generators need to respond to life, to everything that’s around them, 

Projectors need to wait to be recognized & invited before sharing their wisdom & guidance. 

Yet most of them are conditioned to act like the other minority, the only ones who are here to initiate aka the Manifestors.

At ~ 10% of the population, Manifestors are the only type that doesn’t need to wait to initiatesomething. 

They’re the ancient Kings & rulers of the world and it’s hard for them to adapt to being downgraded to a regular Joe’s role. 

Talk about angry people who just want to be left the f**ck alone to do their thing & who can’t get 

why anyone would have any interest in what they’re doing. 

Yet they have an enormous impact on everyone around but most of them are completely unaware. 

Lastly ~1% Reflectors. Gosh are they conditioned to be like everyone else big time! 

They should be our evaluators,

the ones who tell us how good or bad the environment in which they & us live is. 

Most likely, in the rare occasions where you’ll meet one you’ll see them running around like a

headless chicken completely enmeshed with their partner, family or job requirements. 

When you look at the world through the lens of Human Design it all starts to make so much sense.

And at the same time you can see how it all seems to be

a big fu**ing cosmic joke!

It’s hilarious when you understand even just the basic mechanics of Type, Aura, Strategy & Authority and you 

start looking at your own life, your family & your friends. 

It can also be very depressing in the first stages when you realize just how conditioned 

you’ve been to act in ways that are not true to you.

And how deeply conditioned is everyone around you to behave in unhealthy ways 

when they each have such a beautiful, amazing potential to be a unique expression of Divine energy in this world. 

Like everything else in Human Design it’a this and a that, it’s a duality. 


A Living Your Design Awakening Experience is one of the best places to start your Human Design journey.

I’m open to starting a new group end of April.

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