Feeling Seen and Heard

  • “They didn’t really get me”
  • “I didn’t even get to speak about what was really going on for me”
  • “I’m not really seen”
  • “I’m not really listened to”
  • “There’s no space for me to be who I actually am”

If you feel like any of the above even after connecting with friends, family or even your life coach know that it’s not your fault.

And it’s not theirs either. 

Who can really listen to you?

The thing is some people in our circle can really get us while others simply can’t. 

And also, most people on Earth are not built to naturally be interested in and see the other for who they are. 

The majority are here to know themselves through their work. In Human Design these are the Generators and Manifesting Generators.

Some people are here to initiate and make an impact on those around them. In Human Design we call them Manifestors. 

While others are here to reflect the quality of their environment, of the collective. And they are called Reflectors.

The only type that’s here to be naturally interested in the other, to learn about the others, to see, recognize and guide those around them it’s the Projector. 

While there are so many awesome coaches and therapists that are Generators, Manifestors or Reflectors and they are amazing at what they do there’s something special about the Projector’s guiding qualities.

Feeling truly seen and heard

Hi, I’m Raluca and in Human Design I’m a Projector. I work with people on a regular basis helping them by creating a safe space in which they can be truly seen and heard. 

If you’ve never had the experience of being seen and listened to by a Projector it can be hard to imagine such a thing exists.

It’s one of those situations – you don’t know what you don’t know. 

You don’t know what that can feel like because you’ve never experienced it before. 

For me when I feel in chaos, I feel that the conversation with you brings me clarity, the conclusions appear, the healing appears but from myself and this empowers me. It’s like when you hear me, you listen to me, you hold space for me, and you feel me. For me, these qualities are unique and the fact that I can feel safe, for me, is essential when doing coaching and emotional counseling. It makes me more aware of what kind of people I want to have around me and what kind of behaviors to absorb in my field.

~ Alexandra, 5/1 Emotional Projector

When you’re facing a crisis, a challenging situation in your life, be it with your partner, in your business or in your family who do you turn to? 

If you have a person, either a life partner, a friend, a coach or a therapist that you feel it’s 100% by your side, who fully listens and encourages you to be your true self without trying to fix you, push you, pressure you or change you in any way that’s wonderful. 

If you don’t have that person in your life yet, keep looking. Don’t settle for less. 

And if you’ve read this far you might be a good fit for my FEELING SEEN AND HEARD Program.

Is this for you?

This is for you if you feel like you need someone in your life:

  • to turn to when the shit hits the fan 
  • to be there for you for either comfort or solutions depending on what you need in that moment
  • to make you feel completely safe, seen, understood and held no matter what 
  • to help you see yourself for who you really are beyond your mind’s programming and other people’s projections
  • to call you on your BS in a gentle and humorous way 
  • to encourage you to express your true gifts and to make your own decisions no matter what other people say

How it works

  • it’s an ongoing support program available for you for as long as you need it
  • you can choose between 2 to 4 live 1 hour sessions per month depending on what’s going on in your life
  • if you want longer or more than 4 sessions in a month that’s possible too in a custom tailored program for your needs
  • we speak on the phone or Zoom and the focus is to give you support on your specific issue at that moment 
  • I use your Human Design chart as a support to know you better however the aim is not to learn Human Design (check out my other services for this) but to give you full support when you need it
  • it’s ideal for you if you already had an overview reading
  • it’s open to you even if you have no idea about Human Design

Energy exchange (for a limited time and only 10 spots available)

  • 2 sessions/month ~ £111 (Approx ~ EUR 132, USD 148, RON 650)
  • 4 sessions/month ~ £222 (Approx ~ EUR 265, USD 297, RON 1300)

If this sounds like something you’d like to have in your life – fill in this form and I’ll send you the next steps by email.

Who am I and how I work with people

I’m a Projector with Emotional Authority, with an educational background in Psychology and Communication.

I’m here to universalize my natural gifts and talents for the benefit of those that recognize me and invite me to guide them. 

People benefit the most from my guidance when they stick around for a longer period of time from a few months to years.

I’m all about supporting my tribe. 

I take in what I hear from you at different points of my Emotional wave, I spot the patterns in your life over time and I can pin point to you what doesn’t work or keeps you stuck in a loop so you can become aware of it and get unstuck

This process takes time.

The more I hear you in different moments, states, emotions, the more I can see and feel when you are in your truth and when you’re lying to yourself. 

I’m sensitive to your needs, to the most subtle nuances, changes, shifts in your energy, in your voice, body language and I have the gift to help you reframe your past in a way that it empowers you to have a better future. 

My attention to details and patterns, ability to fully listen and reflect back to you what I see without any filters of my own identity helps you see yourself in ways you never could before so you can become empowered to make your own decisions by following your Strategy and Authority with more and more confidence. 

Raluca has an empowering attitude and when I talk to her she offers me a valuable emotional space. She helps me look at issues as opportunities for growth and always comes with a unique perspective on things. She has extraordinary patience and knows how to truly listen. In conversations she always comes up with questions that make me always see myself better. She has a fantastic calm, something that comes from within. It feels like a soul, spiritual, emotional settlement. She is expressive and creative, always with a very clean PRESENT state.

~ Elena, 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator

What you won’t hear from me

“Trust me or someone else”

“If this worked for me it will work for you”

“You should do this or that or the other”

“If you just try harder you’ll make it”

What you can expect from me

To always bring you back to yourself, to your body, to your decision making process. 

To be there for you when the illusions of your conditioning are shattering leaving you feeling like the rug’s been pulled from under your feet to remind you that you’re on the right track. 

To encourage you to experiment, try things out and see for yourself:  What works and what doesn’t? What’s true for you? What’s not?

If you want to start working together fill in this form and I’ll send you the next steps via email.