Women’s Sacred Bleeding – What To Do with Your Menstrual Blood

As I’m getting close to the end of my bleeding time this month, I felt a calling to share about it. So let’s talk about menstrual cycles and how they shape our lives.

As women we’re not only influenced by the weather aka the transits in Human Design lingo, but we have our own monthly cycles.

In the coaching sessions I have with women I often find myself offering them resources beyond Human Design since I feel there are big missing pieces that can make a huge difference in a woman’s life.

Regardless of your aura type, if you are a woman, one of these puzzle pieces is our relationship with our menstrual cycle, with our blood.

Myself and most of the women I work with have spent a life time trying to fit in and work in ways that don’t take into account the differences between men and women. So I’ve decided it’s time to stop this non-sense.

Are you still ignoring your bleeding time and push through?

One of the biggest shifts that happened to me was to realise the sacredness of the menstrual cycle and of the bleeding process.

Until a few years ago I was still trapped in the dogma of ignoring my bleeding time, trying to push through it and to show up for work as if nothing was happening with my body.

I also used to use disposable pads so my blood ended up in the trash bin. And it was also not an eco-friendly solution.

The way I’ve been raised I’ve absorbed beliefs that my bleeding time was somehow shameful, something to be hidden, that I was “dirty” during this time and the blood was something disgusting that I needed to get rid of. And very important, make sure I didn’t stain my pants or the sheets on my bed.

When I was a teenager I had such excruciating pain during the first 2 days of my period that I often cried and raged against God for making me a woman.

“Why do I have to go through such pain every month of my life?”

“Is this how I’m going to spend the rest of my days?” were the questions at that time.

Over the years, in my mid 20’s I’ve been given birth control pills to “help” with my issues. After a couple of years of taking them and realising they made me numb and depressed I stopped taking them.

Later in life I discovered alternative healing methods, such as homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, yoga, psychotherapy, conscious movement and they all helped me to have a better relationship with my body and my periods got less and less painful.

Honour your menstrual blood – Connect with Mother Earth

Yet after all this healing I was still disconnected from the spiritual aspect of my menstrual cycle.

A fundamental shift happened to me a couple of years ago. I learned from amazing women to whom I’ll be forever grateful to about the sacredness and power of our menstrual blood and the importance of honouring our monthly bleeding time.

I stopped using disposable pads and throwing my blood to the bin and started using a menstrual cup to collect it and save it in a jar.

At the end of my bleeding time I go to a park or a forrest and I do a little ceremony to plant the blood mixed with water at the root of a tree.

I offer it back to Mother Earth with gratitude and awe and ask her to guide me in the month to come or for whatever I feel I need guidance in that moment. It’s a time to really go inside, to tune into my womb, my heart, to see what I need to let go off and use this process as a healing tool.

Ever since I started doing this ritual I’ve noticed a huge shift in me and the way I see myself as a woman. Just imagine what a powerful thing to shift from “you’re dirty and you’re not allowed to enter a church during your period” to “you are powerful and your blood is sacred as it carries the most amazing gifts of all, the nurturing of a potentially new human being” .

It’s like wow, just wow!

Take care of your body – Be an inspiration for the little girls in your life

I’m thinking about all the little girls out there who grow up into their womanhood still being brain washed with the same BS that I was raised into.

I’d like them to know from their mothers that they are wonderful, that their blood is sacred and nothing to be ashamed of and that they should honour and take care of themselves during this time.

I’d like all the women who are still behaving from the old brainwashing like I did too until not long ago to know that it’s all BS.

You are worthy.

You are sacred.

Your blood is sacred.

Stop throwing it into the bin. Use a menstrual cup. If that doesn’t work for you use reusable pads that you can wash and collect that water.

Then give it back to mother Earth. Use it to revive your house plants or simply plant it wherever your heart calls you.

You have the right to take a break and spend time alone when you’re bleeding.

You don’t have to pretend nothing’s happening. There’s a lot happening on the inside so tune in and listen.

Your body goes through a complex process each month it’s time to work with not against her.

Learn about healthy and adequate nutrition for each stage of your period from the women who teach about this.

Tune in with your womb, your heart, your blood.

And see yourself for who you really are.

You are Woman.

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