Does this sound like you? 

Do you feel like you have something to prove? Do you over deliver and undercharge because you don’t feel good enough? 

Do you avoid confrontations because you’re afraid to “rock the boat”? Are you the one being told often “you’re too sensitive”?

Are you feeling confused about your direction in life and business, your mind always obsessing and asking “Who am I?”, “Where will I find love?”

Are you holding on to people, jobs, things that are no longer good for you because you’re afraid you’ll not find something better?

Are you often pretending to be certain because you’re afraid to look “stupid” if you admit you don’t know something?

You’re not alone!

Most of us deal with these subconscious programmes that run our lives from the background just like the software on our computers. The tricky thing is that we’re not even aware of their existence…until we learn about them.

Hi, I’m Raluca!

I’m a Psychologist and a certified Living Your Design Guide.

I use Human Design and everything I’ve learned so far in my own self-healing, self-discovery and deconditioning path to guide people like you make the right decisions with ease and confidence.

Think of me like the…

local guide that helps you find your way in a foreign land.

Only the foreign land is your life. And there is a map a.k.a. your unique Human Design chart that uses weird symbols and foreign words.

I can help you read and use this map so you can become your own trusted guide. 

Learning about Human Design with you was amazing! In the short 4 weeks together I already had major breakthroughs with: finding clients (letting them come to me… I had this happen twice during the 4 weeks!) and making big decisions (waiting for the emotional highs and lows to pass instead of impulsively buying a cabin!)… and recognizing the ‘not self talk’ that often has me feeling pressured when I don’t need to be!” ~ Clarissa, Projector

~ Carissa Erickson, Web Designer

I know how it is to feel lost, confused, second-guess or doubt every major decision. I’ve been there for most of my life…


I was always going back and forth, making pros and cons lists, talking with friends, asking for advice, playing with kinesiology, intuitive exercises, picking Tarot cards from my friends’ decks who are into this.

I got sick and burnt out after working in a sales job that involved a loooot of traveling for almost four years. I kept comparing myself to my colleagues and I couldn’t get it.

I kept wondering

“what’s wrong with me?” that I can’t keep up the same pace without my body breaking apart?

And I’ve seen dear people close to me suffer from the same issues, especially burning out, getting sick, and feeling stuck on their life choices.

Deep down I knew there must be some kind of “user manual” for myself and those around me.

So I threw myself into a self-healing journey looking for it.

> I started with education. Got my BAs in Communication and Psychology and I learned indeed a lot about how to communicate and understand myself and others better.

> Personal work: I went to therapy for a few years and I also explored loads of alternative healing methods, workshops, courses that involved working with the body too. Many new insights came, more layers of old programming shed, still loads of questions unanswered.

> Got invited to Human Design – finally felt seen, recognized, understood in a way that no other system did. The biggest first insight “There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just different”. Phew, such a relief!

> Started my journey to becoming a certified Human Design professional and after studying the Foundations (Living your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography) in 2019-2020 with Laveena Archers and Julie Hamilton I got my LYD Guide certification in April 2021.

What people say about working with me:

“I truly feel super empowered through working with you. There was a level of discomfort and resistance I felt around Human Design, and I feel like working with you and learning from you has really helped me use Human Design as a beautiful tool to help me navigate my life and understand who I am on a deep soul level. I love who I am now and no longer feel like a weirdo lol :)” ~ Berenice, Manifesting Generator

Berenice Famili – Life Purpose & Mindset Coach 

Human Design helped me see there was nothing wrong with me all along. I was just different.

When I started diving deep into my Human Design profile and experimenting with it, so many things clicked and made sense for me! 

The fact that I am a Projector helped me understand I don’t have constant access to energy like most people on the planet do.

Oh my, that made so much sense to me!

That’s why I couldn’t keep up with my colleagues who were all Generators or Manifesting Generators, Sacral beings with consistent access to life force energy that make up the majority of people on Earth, around 70%.

This is my Human Design chart.
I’m a 5/2 Projector with Emotional Authority

Almost everything I thought was wrong about me was just normal according to my design, go figure!

I know as an Emotional Authority person there is no truth in the now for me and that I have to be happy with 70-80% clarity. Just this bit only has saved me tons of wasted time trying to make decisions from my mind, making pros and cons lists, talking with other people or tossing and turning awake at night. 

I have a lot more compassion and patience for myself and others.

I don’t say things like “if this worked for me it will work for you too” anymore unless I have their chart in front and I talk about very specific aspects that we might have in common. I now know that because we are all so different what works for someone will most probably not work for most other people.

Fun Facts

Some of my furry neighborhood friends so far 🙂

I realized that no matter where I live in the world when I go out for walks I do the same two things: I go for a park or charming streets with gardens & and I look for stray cats. It’s like I developed a radar for spotting cats even in the most secluded places so I can take some pics or play with the friendly ones.

I studied for two years in a tech university right after high-school. After one year I realized I could do advanced mathematics calculus if needed but I couldn’t see the use. So I dropped out of that and started over in Communication. (It seems I have deleted my “math brain” ever since I now struggle with basic math operations :))

I’m both an introvert and an extrovert, but leaning more into the introvert side as I got older wiser. Finding out I have a 2nd line in my Design Profile which is called “The Hermit” helped me understand my introverted tendencies. I now simply tell people who ask why they haven’t seen me in a while: “I’ve been hermiting.” So easy!

I cry at people are awesome, faith in humanity restored type of videos, the ones in which complete strangers make random acts of kindness for other people or animals in distress.

I stopped watching TV for more than 10 years ago. I don’t watch or listen to any news since it made me feel like the world was ending every time I did that. 

If you’re thinking ‘hey, we should know each other!’ I agree. Find out how we can work together >>>HERE!