Relationship Dynamics for Couples

How you relate to each other

1 + 1 = 3 Your relationship is the 3rd entity

Relationships are the hardest things in the world to maintain, cultivate, grow and evolve in a healthy, harmonious, loving way.

Why does she need so much time to make a decision?

Why is he so impulsive?

Why is she often late?

Why does he get so angry when I ask him questions?

Why does she need to talk things through but doesn’t really want my input?

Why is the spark gone after moving in together and sharing the same bed?

Once you discover Human Design you start to understand why.

And it starts on the surface, with the Type, Strategy & Authority of each of you, your definition, your common defined centers, the harmony or disonance between your profiles.

Once we go into the composite bodyghraph you discover through the presence or absence of attraction/repulsion, friendship, dominance or compromise areas in your relationship the real mechanics at play between the two of you.

You start to understand why the very things that attracted you in the other in the beginning can drive you crazy after more than 6 months of being together.

And once you see the mechanics you realize that some things in the other & between the two of you will never change no matter how much you love each other.

Then you can make an informed choice about your relationship moving forward without hanging on to any illusions, expectations or wishful thinking.


Three 90 minutes sessions held 1 – 2 weeks apart.

The separate sessions allow both of you time to integrate, digest, experiment with what you learn in each session so you can have a deeper, more embodied experience of your design and to create the grounding work for the composite session.

What we’ll cover in each session:

1st & 2nd Sessions Individual Overview Readings

For each partner: Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Centers so each of you has the basics of your own Human Design bodygraph.

3d Session Composite Overview Reading

  • Dominance – the areas where you see each other objectively
  • Compromise – the areas where one or both of you might struggle and the biggest friction points could show up in your relationship
  • Friendship – your common ground, the areas where you see the world through similar filters
  • Attraction/repulsion – electromagnetic – where the spark for your connection comes from and your magnetic attraction is in your connection

Overview of your centers & profiles combined and any other aspects specific to your unique composite charts

By the end of these alignment sessions you’ll have clarity about your:

  • Specific energy Type and Strategy – correct use of your energy
  • Own GPS system aka your Authority and how to use it so you can trust your decisions moving forward
  • Blindspots, limitations and areas that your mind uses to make you believe you’re something that you’re not aka the Not-self themes and the strongest conditioning points in your design
  • The strengths and challenges in your relationship, the areas that bring you together and those that might make you want to break the bond

Exchange summary

  • EUR 333* (This is approx GBP 280, USD 350, RON 1600)
  • 3 x 1,5 hour live session via Zoom
  • Access to the recordings for life
  • Email support in between and one month after the last session

*I also accept payments in cryptocurrencies

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