Chicory drink and Human Design Connections

While enjoying my chicory hot drink this morning I had a few insights about what it means, how it feels to have a compromise, a friendship or an electromagnetic connection in Human Design.

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It feels like the one who has one gate is kind of overwhelmed in that aspect of their design. So it’s like they don’t have a say it’s just like the chicory in my drink this morning was barely there. I couldn’t feel it anymore.

Hi, this is Raluca and today I want to share with you a quick video about friendship, electromagnetic and compromise connections in Human Design. This morning, I was drinking my hot chicory usual drink. It’s a replacement of coffee. Some people say they give it to their kids, because it doesn’t contain caffeine and I can’t take caffeine. Anyway.

The thing is, I like to make chicory powder with a little bit of milk, I mix three quarters water, hot water and the rest, a little bit of milk. It’s usually a plant milk or my favourite which is goat milk. And for a couple of days now I’ve been using rice milk because I couldn’t find goat’s milk at the shop. And when I was there I also bought a hemp milk and I haven’t tried it before until today.

I like the mix of hot water chicory with the rice milk. But it’s not my favourite. It’s a good mix, they go well together. The sweetness of the rice milk adds a little bit of taste to the bitter sweet taste of the chicory. Let’s say they go along together. Then I ran out of rice milk this morning and I opened the hemp milk. And to my surprise, when I tasted it, all I could feel was the hemp milk. Like there was no more chicory in there, it was just like I could barely feel it. And it was a very, very strong hemp taste.

And I like the hemp taste when I eat hemp seeds. But when I drink the chicory I like to have this nice blend. I was thinking, hmmm, that’s weird. It’s just like, I didn’t put more milk than usual. It’s just that this one is so strong. And then I realised this feels like a compromise in a relationship in Human Design. It’s such a perfect example. For me, I thought to share it with you also.

It feels like a practical thing that can help us grasp how these compromise connections work because it’s something that I’ve been contemplating for a long time. What happens in a compromise connection is like one person has the whole channel and the other has one gate.

And what I’ve experienced when I’m in a situation where someone else has the whole channel and I have one gate and what I’ve heard from other people, what I’ve studied is that it feels like the one who has one gate is kind of overwhelmed in that aspect of their design. So it’s like they don’t have a say it’s just like the chicory taste in my drink this morning was barely there. I couldn’t feel it anymore. It was overwhelmed. And it’s not something that the other person does on purpose is just how it is it’s just the energetic is stronger, and it kind of overwhelmes the one who has only one gate. So it’s like hemp milk had the whole channel and the chicory had one gate. To me this felt like a brilliant example. I don’t know if it will be for other people too but yeah.

And then it went back and thought okay, so if the hemp and chicory is a compromise what would be a friendship and what will be an electromagnetic? Again it’s just my perspective, my interpretation there’s no scientific study about this.

So for my taste, it feels like the chicory with some rice milk or coconut milk. It’s like a friendship channel or it’s like they have a friendship gate. It means they have something in common. They go well together. They don’t overwhelm each other. When they mix together I can still feel both. It’s like a comfortable mix. And then I was thinking okay, so I have friendship I have compromise so far, what would be an electromagnetic connection?

For my taste, the electromagnetic is when I have chicory and goat milk. That’s the one I like the most. I can’t drink cow milk, I haven’t been drinking it in years but goat milk I find it’s okay for me and I really love the taste. It’s like there are great apart, I love them both apart, but when they come together, it’s like magic for my taste buds. So it feels like yep, that’s the electromagnetic connection translated into chicory and goat milk in this situation for my taste.

So yeah, I thought about sharing this because I found it like a very practical simple way to understand something that might feel very abstract like is the study of Human Design when you only stick to the theory and don’t find the practical things in your life. Yep, so this was what I wanted to share today about electromagnetic, friendship, and compromise connections in Human Design, the insights I had today from drinking my chicory, hot chicory in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making this video and as much as I enjoy drinking my chicory hot drink every day. Have a wonderful rest of the day wherever you are. Remember to love yourself and enjoy your design.

I hope you enjoy this and find it useful in your Human Design journey.

xo ~ Raluca

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