The Four Energetic Types in Human Design

In the Human Design System there are four main energetic types. No matter your race, sex, age, nationality, religion, political views etc. if you look at your chart you will discover that you’ll be one of these:

Generators & Manifesting Generators ~ 70 %

Projectors ~ 20 %

Manifestors ~ 9 %

Reflectors ~ 1 %

Each type has a specific strategy, a correct way for them to use their energy and interact with others so they avoid resistance and enjoy being in flow. 

The problem is most people are conditioned since early childhood to behave in a way that’s not correct for them. Our current culture is rooted in beliefs such as:

“Just do it”

“No pain, no gain”

“You can do anything you put your mind to”

“Fake it till you make it”

“Go out there and make it happen”

The thing is each person is so different and unique and only around 9-10 % of people are meant to go out there and initiate without waiting for anyone else’s input, and those are the Manifestors. The rest of us have different strategies that involve waiting for something before acting and most importantly before making a big decision. 


Also called the builders of the world they are conditioned to go out there, make it happen and initiate like a Manifestor. The correct strategy for them is to wait to respond. It doesn’t mean they are supposed to sit and wait doing nothing (they can’t do nothing even if they tried, they’re Generators after all 😉 but they should go about their day and notice how their body reacts and what sounds come out from their Sacral when something shows up in their experience. 


Most Manifestors are taught to work hard like a Generator and they are controlled and repressed since childhood so they grow up believing they are powerless. When in fact they have so much power to impact other people and that’s what they’re here for. Their strategy is to inform those who will be affected by their actions. This reduces the resistance they are used to meet when they try to do something without informing. 


Projectors are conditioned to behave like Generators and Manifestors. Unfortunately they are very good at mimicking them and they become the “super-slaves”. Most of them run around, keeping themselves busy, taking on too much work until they crash into burnout. Projectors are not here to do heavy work like Generators or to initiate like Manifestors. They are here to be guides for the other types so they can use their energy in the most efficient way. 

Projectors need to wait for invitation and recognition before sharing their wisdom, talents or gifts. Otherwise their words will fall flat and nobody will benefit leaving them feel bitter. 


Reflectors are conditioned to be like everyone else when in fact they are such unique beings. They are here to reflect the state of their environment, of their group or community. They are attuned to the cosmic cycles and frequencies more than the rest of us. Unlike the other three types that are Solar ones, the Reflectors are Lunar beings. Their strategy is to wait for a Lunar cycle before making a decision. They need to be initiated, asked, invited by the other types especially by those with defined G centers. 

So what about you, do you know your type? 

And if you know it, are you experimenting with your Strategy?

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