Is it all just a big cosmic joke?

What do You think?​We have a majority of people ~ 70% Generators – who are meant to do work they love yet  most of them are are stuck in frustrating jobs and wonder why they feel so dead inside.  So instead of them going about their life responding & humming along like a well oiled motor of a luxury car  they … Read more

Is it a trauma response or your true guidance?

“Listen to your gut” “Connect within and you’ll know the answer” “When you know you know” ​ But what if I don’t just know? ​ What if you’re like me and you’ve been trying to navigate through life almost always doubting yourself and your decisions? ​ (If you’re completely certain, solid in your decision making process … Read more

The Four Energetic Types in Human Design

In the Human Design System there are four main energetic types. No matter your race, sex, age, nationality, religion, political views etc. if you look at your chart you will discover that you’ll be one of these: Generators & Manifesting Generators ~ 70 % Projectors ~ 20 % Manifestors ~ 9 % Reflectors ~ 1 … Read more