Authority aka Your Correct Decision Making Strategy

Authority in Human Design refers to your decision making strategy.

In other words how we make decisions based on our inner truth, our inner compass without relying on our beautiful but crazy, spinning minds. 

For most of my life I’ve been obsessed with figuring out how intuition works. I’ve tried so hard to find an answer to how I could make decisions with ease, in flow, without going crazy with pros and cons lists, without staying up at night tossing and turning and wondering what to do or what to choose. 

I’ve read so many books, took part in all sorts of workshops and I’ve offered workshops myself, I tested and experimented with various methods and exercises. 

 The Q’s that came up over and over again were:

“How do I know it’s my intuition and not just my mind?”

“How do I know when it’s the right thing for me?”

“How do I know when it’s a no?”

And the more I studied and experimented the more I realised that what worked for some people didn’t work for others…

So I eventually gave up on my quest to finding a one size fits all solution to how intuition works. 

Fast forward a few years later – I discovered Human Design

When I first learned about my inner authority – which in my case is Emotional I finally understood why I could never makes spontaneous decisions without almost always regretting afterwards. 

And I understood why there can’t be a one size fits all intuitive answer because we are each so different and unique. 

Or why some people (myself included) need time before making a decision (Emotional Authority) while others operate correctly in the now (Sacral and Spleen).  

And why for some people the physical sensations in their body and the sounds they express when asked a Yes or No question are the correct way of making decisions in the now (Sacral) and why others are supposed to talk things through (Sound boarding) so they can hear themselves talk. 

These are just a few examples of how different we are when it comes to the correct way of making decisions based on our Human Design chart.

For me it has been such a relief to start using my Emotional authority and not let myself be trapped by my mind into endless pros and cons and “what ifs” (at least not as much as I used to before 😉

I’m sharing this so you know that there is a correct way of making decisions that’s specific to your design and that’s not based on your beautiful mind. 


Knowing your specific authority is the most important thing when you first look at your Human Design chart.

Because the moment you start making correct decisions as yourself and not based on what your mind thinks you should or shouldn’t that’s when slowly but surely you align yourself with who you really are.

And that’s when you start to experience more flow and less resistance in whatever shape it shows for you: frustration, anger, bitterness or disappointment. 

What’s your inner authority? And have you experienced with it yet?

PS: If you want my help figuring out your Type or inner authority let me know, I’m happy to guide when invited and recognised.

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