The Human Design Types and their Sign-posts

Think about your car or another complex machinery that you use. Almost sure you have different kinds of lights and signals for when things are in order and for when something’s off and you need to do something about it before it’s too late. 

The most basic one is if you’re running low on gas the indicator will be in the red zone. You then know you need to find a gas station soon or else you’ll not be able to drive anymore. 

When this happens – when you see that gas level indicator on red – you don’t judge it in any way or try to fight it hoping it will change back to green. You simply know you need to fill up your tank or you’ll have to face the consequence of being stuck who knows where.

It’s kinda similar when you think about your Not-Self Theme and Signature from your Human Design chart. Each type has their own sign-posts and they are meant to help you navigate your life towards the path of least resistance. They are neither good or bad. They are your trusted green and red lights from your body’s navigation system. 

Generators: Frustration & Satisfaction

When you experience frustration in any area of your life that’s a sign that you’re off track and you need to course correct. Here are some Qs you could use:

Did you commit to give your precious life force energy to a project, job, relationship that’s not correct for you?

Did you initiate your way into a new opportunity instead of responding?

Did you let your mind “should” you into something that your body said “no” to?

Whatever the case know that you are not here to live a life of frustration. On the contrary, you’re here to do work you love and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with aligned actions, using your Strategy to respond and your specific Authority. 

Manifestors: Anger & Peace

You are here to have an impact on the world and to experience peace.

If you find yourself being angry because people resist you, try to control you or are pissed off with you because you did something that affected them and you didn’t let them know before hand know there’s a simple solution to this.

Start informing the people that are going to affected by your actions. Make a list of all the people in your life that will be impacted by your brilliant new idea and let them know about your plans.

This doesn’t mean you’re asking for anyone’s permission you simply inform them. And then go about your plan and see what happens and how you’ll feel. 

Projectors: Bitterness & Success

You are here to experience the sweet taste of success when recognized and invited and bitterness when you’re off track.

There are many ways in which you can get off-track, in the bushes, waaaay far from the path of least resistance.

These might happen when you initiate like a Manifestor, or when you share your wisdom with people who didn’t ask for it. I know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut when you can see SO clearly what the other needs to do, it’s so obvious to you, how can they NOT see it?

But if they don’t recognize and invite you to give your opinion the result will be bitterness. Wait for the recognition and invitation and enjoy your success. 

Reflectors: Disappointment & Surprise

You are here to reflect the state of your environment, your group, your community.

You are attuned to the cosmic frequencies in ways that none of us Solar beings can even comprehend. You are a different person every day and you are here to enjoy the surprises that life has for you.

Wait for a lunar cycle before making a major decision and don’t let anyone pressure you in any way. Be mindful about the place you live in.

Do you resonate with the sign-posts of your type? Let me know in the comments.

Love yourself and enjoy your design,


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