Reading for Lauren ~ Emotional Manifesting Generator

It was so much fun to have this conversation with Lauren. She’s a 6/2 Pure Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority on the Left Angle Cross of Spirit.

I offered her a basic overview reading with the clear aim to focus on her Type, Strategy, Authority and main not-self themes of the open centres within an hour.

It turned out into a bit of a longer session (my main challenge as an undefined Sacral being is to learn when enough is enough 😉 where we also talked about her defined centres and how these can show up in her interactions with her clients and also briefly touched on her 6/2 Profile.

Here are the timestamps so you can quickly jump to any part that interests you the most.

00:00:00-00:03:50 – introductions, how Lauren found out about Human Design

00:03:50 – 00:10:00 Basic elements of the Human Design chart: conscious, unconscious, defined/undefined centres, the current transits, HD weather

00:10:30 – About the 4 Types, Auras, Green & Red Flags & the Pure Manifesting Generator traits

  • 00:14:55 “I’m a terrible baker, I’m an amazing cook” and the skipping steps gift of the Manifesting Generator
  • 00:16:50 – The Projector aura
  • 00:18:03 – The Manifestor Aura
  • 00:18:57 – The Reflector Aura

00:20:56 – What does it mean to wait to respond for a Manifesting Generator? The Sacral sounds and the “full body” yes

00:23:00 – How Emotional Authority works “There’s no truth in the now” 

00:29:00 – “90% of the time I go with my gut instincts” but for the big questions I definitely noticed benefit from not going with my first gut response”

00:37:00 – Access to energy for Generators and Manifesting Generator and healthy sleep habits for all types 

00:41:00 – Lauren’s Undefined Centres – the Head, Ajna, Heart, Spleen, Root

  • 00:42:00 – The Undefined/Open Heart – Over-giving from an overflowing place instead of wanting to receive validation 
  • 00:48:35 – Effects of the Defined on the Undefined Heart 
  • 00:49:00 – The Undefined/Open Head “Thinking about things that don’t matter” 
  • 00:50:39 – The Undefined Ajna – “I believe I have all the answers”
  • 00:53:56 – The Undefined Spleen and being healthy 
  • 00:58:20 – The Undefined Root – “Always in a hurry to be free of the pressure”

01:01:08 – How the Minds speaks through Lauren’s undefined centres 

01:02:00 – Overview of Lauren’s Defined Centres: 

The Throat: the effects of the Defined on the Undefined

01:04:00 – Defined G and Throat in Lauren’s experience “Why would anyone have a problem with finding their voice?” &

The gifts of the completely Open G centreThe Sacral Defined & Undefined

01:15:00 – The Solar Plexus defined & undefined 

01:16:00 – The 6/2 Profile The Role Model/Hermit – The 3 phases of a 6th line life


Lauren van Mullem is a wonderful copywriter for coaches. Here’s what she had to say after the reading:

“It’s mindblowing to feel so confirmed and validated. I’ve done a lot of inner work, I’ve figured out a lot of things, and to see that reflected in Human Design is astounding. I think the most valuable takeaway is that I need to wait a bit longer before making decisions, and that my “Hermit” side needs more alone time. These are things I knew but was willfully ignoring. Now I’ll make them a priority.” You can find Lauren at


If you want to have a reading of your own get the deets here.

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