Do you follow your energy or push against it?

I’ve waited for 6 days to feel like recording the mini audio reading someone ordered from my website. 

I had one more day and I HAD to do it, as promised in my sales page to deliver it within 7 days. 

But every time I tried to start working on it, I felt so heavy in my body and I just couldn’t do it.

My energy felt like water draining from the bathtub…it was weird, I couldn’t understand why…

Anyhoo, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me back up a bit. 

I recently did an experiment as part of the Tripwire course I had enrolled with the amazing Elizabeth Goddard

I offered the option to purchase a mini audio reading to people who subscribe to my email list for a limited time just to see how it goes, if I enjoy doing this or not, you know, trying things out. 

I had one person sign-up right away and as promised in my sales page delivery was due within 7 days from receipt of their order. 

(Emotional Authority here, I like to take my time and not feel pressured or rushed. 😉

At first I was excited when I saw the sale and the money in my PayPal account – even though it’s a very small amount compared to what I charge for a full reading. 

A sale is a sale, right? 😉

So I ran her chart and it so happened she’s a Self Projected Projector. 

I’m always excited to work with fellow Projectors, I do feel a kinship I don’t have with the other types even if I enjoy working with my clients of all types and authorities. 

So after pulling up her chart I said to myself – I’ll do this when I’ll feel my energy moving in that direction.

“I have a whole week for a 30’ audio reading, it should be a breeze” my mind said. 

I continued going about my life as usual, had a few readings with my usual clients and a few new ones while keeping this mini audio reading in the back of my mind. 

I waited a day, two days, three days. Nothing was moving me to start working on it.  

Eventually 6 days passed and I was starting to worry that I won’t be able to deliver it within the promised timeframe.

In the evening of the 6th day I tried to record something looking at her chart. 

I did a 30’ recording but it felt so off, so low vibe and so not the right thing to do, that I couldn’t send it to her. 

What could I do instead?

Then I realized I could offer her a live mini reading because this is how I usually work and it feels so good to me!

So I wrote her an email to ask if she’d be up for a live via Zoom reading at no extra cost to her. I already felt my energy lifting just by sending that email.

She agreed and booked a time within a few days. Yay!

It was so much fun, such high energy and I ended up sharing with her a lot of information about her chart that was very different from what was stated in my offer: Type, Strategy and Authority. 

That happened because I asked her questions, I tapped into her energy and into what she really needed in that moment. 

Her feedback was awesome and even though I spent a bit more than 30’ (hello undefined Sacral, not knowing when enough is enough 😉 I felt this was a success on many levels. 

Then I shared about my experience with my friend Dunstan @activatedhumandesign and he told me I should make a video about this experience. 

Because this is about what it means to be a Projector.

I’m yet to make a video, I thought I’d first share this in writing. 

What he pointed out to me is that as Projectors, we’re not here to deliver cookie cutter, generalised information when working one on one. 

We’re guides, we’re here to REALLY SEE the other and offer them the best of what we have in that moment in the most efficient way possible. 

Then I realized I’ve been doing this all my life even before learning about Human Design. 

No matter what workshops or one-on-one coaching I did, even though I thoroughly prepared and I still do a lot of prepping, researching, studying before each of my sessions, I’m always open to go with the energy, to follow what my clients need in that moment not what my mind had planned for. 

And to me this is so natural, so embedded in the way I work with people that I didn’t even realize it’s actually a valuable thing that’s not so common.

Because other coaches have different ways of working with people based on their specific Type and gifts and that’s perfect for their clients.

I feel this whole experience was valuable to me because I learned so many things in a very short time:

  • I discovered I don’t like doing pre-recorded audio readings, I’m not gonna offer them anymore
  • I did enjoy the live mini reading very much – so I’m gonna experiment with offering for a while 30’ mini audio live readings. 
  • I’m so happy I Iistened to my energy, to how I felt instead of forcing myself to do something that didn’t feel right for me and that I came up with a win-win way to deliver what I had promised and in a much more valuable and fun way
  • I realized more clearly one of my gifts as a Projector – the ability to really see the other and offer them what they actually need in that moment instead of a pre-planned thing (even though I prepare, a lot 😉

I’m sharing this with you hoping that it inspires you to trust your Authority and the flow of your energy, especially if you’re an Emotional Projector like myself. 

And to have this as a reminder to come back to for my future self 😉

Don’t be afraid to change things up so you can do more of what lights you up instead of what drains you. 

Follow your Strategy and Authority and stay tuned with your body, with your energy. No matter what the mind says, our bodies know the truth. 

Love and honour yourself, 


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