From confusion to clarity 1-3 Months

1:1 guidance & coaching intensive

1,5 h live sessions via Zoom ideal for those who are just getting started in their Human Design experiment and want to use it to better their lives or for those who already have a basic understanding of their design and want to go deeper.

The sessions can be scheduled weekly or every 2-3 weeks. Most people I’ve worked with so far prefer a longer integration time in between sessions as we go very deep and there’s a lot to integrate and practice with in between sessions. Fewer prefer the weekly, I’m open to what works best for each individual.

I encourage every client to honour their Authority and specific design and choose the length of time they need in between sessions, as long as it’s within maximum 3 months time span.

Discover your own inner Yoda and learn how to make correct decisions you can trust. Your body’s GPS use, mind not 😉

Who is this for?

You might be a mom whose kids are now old enough that you can start thinking about what YOU want from your life and you have no idea where to start.

Or you’re a coach, entrepreneur or soulpreneur who’s wondering if there’s any other way than grinding at it all day long and doing what everyone says you should be doing while you feel deep down that’s not correct for you. 

Maybe you just got a big promotion so now everyone is expecting so much of you and you’re wondering how to manage all this without staying up late at night, a tight knot in your stomach and your mind spinning.

This is best suited for Emotional Authority Generators, Manifesting Generators and all kinds of Authority Projectors.

By the end of this intensive you’ll have clarity about your:

  • Specific aura Type and what it means for your life and business
  • Own GPS system and how to use it so you can trust your decisions aka your inner Authority
  • Blindspots, limitations and areas that your mind uses to make you believe you’re something that you’re not
  • Natural strengths, talents, gifts and how it’s best to use them

Structure & flexibility

This is a guidance program that relies on a rough structure to make sure you get the basics of your chart and how to use them & has space for intuitive, in the moments downloads to address what shows up during the sessions. These might be specific challenges your have, fears, limiting beliefs & other aspects that we will address as they come to the surface. It can also include physical, somatic practices you’re going to be invited to experiment with to help you integrate the theory in your body.

Exchange summary

  • 4 Live 1,5 hours video sessions via Zoom
  • Access to the recordings for life
  • Email and/or Telegram support in between the sessions
  • EUR 444*

*I also accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Next steps

Please answer this short questionnaire and you’ll receive an email from me within 24h with the next steps so we can start working together.

What clients say:

I was surprised to be a manifesting generator. It seems like I should have waaay more energy than I do for that to be true. But, it’s also true that I think/act/do faster than most other people and skip steps because I don’t need all the steps. And that’s a superpower I hadn’t really acknowledged.

6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator