Align With Your True Self 3 Parts Session

Discover who You really are & how to make decisions You can trust

Three one hour sessions held 1 – 2 weeks apart where we dive deep into the main aspects of your Human Design chart.

The separate sessions allow you time to integrate, digest, experiment with what you learn in each session so you can have a deeper, more embodied experience of your design. We also have the time to go much more in depth than in a single 90 minutes reading.

What we’ll cover in each session:

1st Session – Type, Strategy & Authority

2nd Session – Centers – Defined & Undefined

3rd Session – Profile & main Gates (Sun &Earth)

At the end of it you’ll have a clear inner-standing of your aura type, strategy, authority, definition and areas where your mind is the loudest creating stories you can’t trust so you can start experimenting having a solid base. 

Discover your own inner Yoda and learn how to make correct decisions you can trust. Your body’s GPS use, mind not 😉

Who is this for?

You’re a business owner, coach, solopreneur who wants to learn the basics of your Human Design chart and the practical ways in which you can use it in your life and business right away.

You’re at a crossroad in your life and you want help to make a decision that feels good in your gut.

You’ve heard about Human Design and done your own research for a while but you want to have a solid grasp of the basics of your chart.

This is best suited for Sacral and Emotional Authority Generators, Manifesting Generators and Projectors of all kinds who prefer the short one hour sessions & like to have some time to process in between sessions.

By the end of these alignment sessions you’ll have clarity about your:

  • Specific energy Type and Strategy – correct use of your energy
  • Own GPS system aka your Authority and how to use it so you can trust your decisions moving forward
  • Blindspots, limitations and areas that your mind uses to make you believe you’re something that you’re not aka the Not-self themes and the strongest conditioning points in your design
  • What’s consistent, true and reliable in yourself, your costume or purpose in life

Exchange summary

  • EUR 333* (This is approx GBP 300, USD 365, RON 1600)
  • 3 x 1 hour live session via Zoom
  • Access to the recordings for life
  • Email support in between and one week after the last session

*I also accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Next steps

Please answer this short questionnaire and you’ll receive an email from me within 24h with the next steps.

What clients say:

There was a real revelation to discover myself from the Human Design ‘spectacles’, it gives me real peacefulness to understand all these concepts. It is easy to integrate this knowledge as for me I can identify the moments when my inner voice whispered me the good way to take but my conditioned attitude ordered me the opposite. I am impatient to deepen this science, it’s a real treasure if you want to approach your Inner Self and to taste serenity. Thank you Raluca for your time and clarity!

Cristina – 1/3 Mental Projector

It’s mindblowing to feel so confirmed and validated. I’ve done a lot of inner work, I’ve figured out a lot of things, and to see that reflected in Human Design is astounding.

Lauren – 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

Human Design can be confusing AF and it is so helpful to have Raluca look specifically at your chart and explain your strength, tendencies, and pitfalls.

Yen – 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator